Monday, July 24, 2006


Thanks to new friends

Well we were so surprised when we saw how many of you kitties had come to visit our new blog. We are working our way through the list so we can visit you all on your blogs. And of course we want to say a big thank you again to Fat Eric for telling effurry one about us.
It is still very hot here. Most places in England had thunderstorms and heavy rain at the weekend, but it missed us again. We wish it would rain so we can go and roll in the wet grass. Dad bean said he is getting ear conditioner for next year. He said it will keep us cool. Don't know how it will do that cos our ears are ok. Mum bean said she thinks the heatwave is effurry where, so here are a couple of pics to cool effurry one down.
They were taken in the winter, but we don't usually get snow. We didn't like it much, it got stuck to our feet. Wish we had some now though .Bet we would cool down.
we gets lots of snow, but since we don't out outside, it nefurr sticks to our feet.
That's pretty funny that we're thinkn' the same way!! We didn't care much for the now eifur. We'll have to see if Momma has any pictures of us in the snow.
Fat Eric sent us too! You are to good looking UK cats! That snow picture looks like where we live. Minnesota gets lots of snow in the winter. Cold on the feet though! Welcome!
Bleh. Snow. I'm glad we moved away from it. Even though I stay inside. Just the idea of it is...bleh.
I haven't been out in the snow since I was tiny, and don't remember much about it. But if it was cold, bring it on!

I am an indoor cat, now, you see. Since I gotted a furrever home with mama.

We will be linking to you so you have some new Mericky friends.
Nice to meet you guys!
Fat Eric sent us. Welcome to the blogosphere! It is always nice to meet more ornich poodins! Ping my brofur is an ornich poodin. He is like Flynn your brofur Big E! He is hyper too. I am just an itty bitty tuxedo manx. I have two brofurs and two sisfurs, but I am the boss! We hope you will come by and visit us. Glad to meet you.

*ABBY(and the gang)
Oh what a nice picture you have Eric and Flynn. It's nice to meet you two!
Oh nice cool piktures!

~~ Sanjee
ooooooh - we never seen that snow stuff before, but we's heard all bout it an we wants some BIG TIME
My mum says she grew up in Cornwall and they never had much snow there either. Mind you we didn't get any in London last winter cos of this global warming stuff or something. It's still sweltering here now!
Oh my gosh! I didn't know it snows in summer in England. Hot an snow! Amazin. Maybe we can PET-ition the whetherman to change our hot to snow?
I posted summer pictures in winter. Maybe to cool off I need to post pictures of snow.

But I don't go outside in this stuff. No way.
Nice to meet you two! Fat Eric told us 'bout your new blog. The snow pictures are nice for helpin' to cool off, but we don't like it when we have snow for real. We don't go out in it (well, Strider does sometimes when he escapes).
Fat Eric sent me as well! Be thankful you're not in Houston, Texas right now where the heat has been in the upper 90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 32 degrees Celsius). Those winter pictures sure do help in dealing with it though!
Oh, hahahaha! We haven't seen any of that since last February. We live in Whiskonsin, so we get LOTS of snow!
hi guys niced to meet you.
You guys are most handsome!!

Patches and Mittens
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