Saturday, July 29, 2006


It's raining!!!

Posted by Big Eric
Hooray!!!! It started raining this morning, and it's much cooler.We've got so fed up with being hot and exhausted all the time. The beans are happy too. They said the vegetables and flowers will be glad of it.We wanted to go out and roll in the wet grass, but mumbean said we would all get too wet. Anyway we kept on and on and in the end she gave in. She said no normal kitty would want to play in the rain, but what does she know!! We went out and raced around like a pair of nutcases. (Her description not ours) and when we came in, she said we looked more like beavers than kitties. I must remember to ask Flynn if he knows what beavers are.She took a picher of us to try and embarass us.
About two weeks ago our beans made hay out of grass in the fields, so the horses haf got sumfing to eat in the winter. Now it is all in the barn so it won't get wet. Me and Flynn haf been to check that they did it right. Here are sum pichers of us looking at it. Oh oh I'll have to do those pichers quick. Mumbeans getting the stinky goodness. Got to hurry or Flynn'll eat it all. He might be smaller than me, but he's got a big appy tite.
Purrs to all my new poodin' friends.

So good to hear that you are getting cooler weather. It is still furry hot here.

You got horsies, your own horsies?? Pictures please.
we neffer seen horsies or hay - you're furry lucky ta haf such fun stuffs at your house. it rained at our house a few days ago but we didn't go outside. the Lady and the kids did though. they got furry wet but it looked like they was happy bout it
I found you through Fat Eric and Friends :) Though my blog isn`t all cats mine appear from time to time and I love cats and how expressive they can be in pictures so I`ll be enjoying reading about yours!
Sometimes water from the sky is ok. You gots to feel it but we jus stays inside where we just watch it from the winder. Enjoy that rain while you can. We gotted a biggie rain storm and some high winds to blow the heat away and then it was all hot again today.
What a lovely place you have. And in England. Bet you have fun exploring in the barn. Do you find mice in the hay?

Loved yesterdays pictures of snow. We are in Houston TX and never get snow. It's hot here, but not as hot as the rest of the US.

Look forward to reading more about both of you, Eric and Flynn, and seeing the horses???
We need rain badly here. The front lawn is turning from green to brown. It's not pretty! Also, you both look so dashing in the hay! Those are fabulous pictures of the two of you.
You know, of course, that miceys hang out in the hay!

Send us some of that rain, please, thank you.

Good to hear that somewhere there is rain and cooler temperatures.

Not here!

You got horsies????
Hey! You've got hay! What a scritchin dream come true. It looks like lots of climbing fun too. Very nice. :)
Oh it rained here this weekend too. We were furry happy, though I didn't get to go out and run around in it.
The rainy days it´s necessary to remain in house, underneath a blanket, muhahahá!!!

Prrrssss from Spain!!
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