Thursday, July 20, 2006


Here we are at last

Well we finally got here. First we would like to say a big hello to Fat Eric, who suggested we get our own blog, so "Hello Fat Eric!" Our mum said we could have one of our own when they came back from their holiday, but that was ages ago. We've kept on and on at her so we could tell other kitties about us, but then she said it was too hot to be indoors.Last night we wouldn't let her sleep and kept walking all over her, so now she has given in and here we are.
I'm the main man and my name is Eric but I will let Flynn have his say after.I'm a big handsome semi long haired ginger and white kitty known as Big Eric or Big E to my friends. I weigh in at 23 lbs, and have been on a diet for about 6 months. I did lose a pound a while back, but now I am back up to my favourite weight. I've just got big bones. Don't know why the beans laugh at me when I say that though. My hobbies are eating and sleeping and going out to watch Flynn catch mice. When he catches them, he usually lets me eat them.
It has been so hot lately, I have been sleeping under the fan or under the hedge in the garden. Mum bean said she would shave my fur off for me, but I gave her such a look she hasn't mentioned it since. I think she was joking but you never know do you?
Some time ago Dad bean made a big cage and fixed it to the outside of the bedroom window, so that means we can go in and out the window at night and be safe. It really is good to be able to sleep out under the stars in this hot weather and know that nothing nasty can get at us.I forgot to say, don't worry we only have downstairs rooms, so we can't fall out a long way, and dad bean made a ramp for us to walk up and down.
Flynn keeps prowling backwards and forwards, so I had better let him have a go.He'll only get in a huff else and start hissing at me.
Hello everyone, I thought he would never move. My name is Flynn and Big E is my brother. I am the slimline one and only weigh 13 lbs. I'm the one that does all the work around here. I love catching mice, but can't be bothered to eat them, so usually give them to Eric. After all he's got a waistline to keep up.Mum bean says I'm hyperactive and that I can't walk any where. I still go out hunting in this hot weather, but it makes me pant when I get back. I was in trouble yesterday cos I caught a bird. Mum took it away and put it in a safe place. Doesn't she realise how difficult it is to catch them in this weather? Anyway she said it was gone this morning, so I tried to find it again, but couldn't.
I'll tell you a bit about us before Eric butts in again.
We were born on a farm about a mile away and our beans had to take us home early because the farmer said that there was a big bad tomcat around, and he kills baby kitties. So our beans were afraid he would get us, so we went to live with them when we were 5 1/2 weeks old.
They bought us all the proper baby kitty food and made sure we were safe.They think that is why we are big, cos all the other kitties on the farm are only about 8 lbs, and didn't get nice food like us. We have looked at some of the other kitty blogs,and see that food is called "stinky goodness" but I think some is more stinky than others.
Our beans have got some fields here and mum bean looks after horses for people. The trouble is the horses think it is their fields, but I know it is ours, and sometimes they chase us.
Mum Bean has said she needs to use the computer so it looks like we have to go. Hope she lets us get back here soon.
Love to all you kitties out there from Flynn 
I thought he was never going to shift and now it's too late for me to say anything else, except speak to all you dudes again soon.
Bye for now (Big) Eric
Congrats on your new blog. It is nice to be able to say your peace. Hope you have fun.
Welcome to the cat blogosphere! You are good looking cats! Looking forward to getting to know you!
Oh, and I forgot, I'm trying to get email addresses for all the cat bloggers so if someone ever has a problem like DaisyMae at least one person will be able to email them about any problems they may not be aware of. Also, we occasionally send out general emails to cat bloggers stating concerns or information all of us shoudl know (Millie, Edsel's mom & others, parties, Catolympics, DaisyMae, etc.) We would like to add your email address for this purpose only and will not be given out to anyone without permission.
Hi there, Eric and Flynn,
What handsome lads you two are. You are just gorgeous. I've added you to our list of favorites and look forward to visiting.
visitin ewe both.. frum uz both... on yur 2000th posts guys !!! conga rats on de mile stone...this page sure looks diffrunt huh !!cller bak ta 2006....whoa...thiz bee 2000 yeerz ago ...kinda kewl how that werked out huh !!! rock on big E frum sauce of fishbone, heerz ta pigs on curtin poles flynn frum toona !!
Awwww....I wish I had been with you from the beginning, but I am glad I found you now.
What a delightful post. Now I know the beginning of Eric and Flynn. I'm so happy I found this blog.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Wow here is the start and what a great start it was dear Angel friends. Love you guys!
Timmy and Family
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