Friday, July 21, 2006


A few photos

A few photos that mum bean has taken of us over the last couple of months.


Yay! I get to be the first comment on your new blog! I like your photos. I am just about to mention your blog on my page so hopefully you will get some more visitors soon!

Hi!!! We're the Meezers from 'meriky! Glad to meet you bof. Come and visit us when you can! We will put a link to you on your bloggie, is that OK? - Sammy and Miles
Welcome, Eric and Flynn!
We're kinda new to blogging too. We are Tilly and Toby and we can be visited at The Tower Hill Mob. We will post a link to your site and we look forward to reading about your adventures. Tilly is ginger and white, too and she thinks they are the best!
Toby is nearly as big as you and Fat Eric but he's a tiger. Headbonks.
Tilly and Toby
Hullo Flynn an Eric! SO nice to meet you. We've linked to yur blog. Any furiend of Fat Eric's is a furiend of ours!
You are gorgeous! My sisfur Mittens lays in the litter box too! What is up with that? Anyways, welcome to the world of blogging!

Patches Lady
Hi Boys, Eric told us you were here. I'm Charlie and am 1yr old. I live with my Bean Mum and Bean Daddy just north of Bristol. Mum says that's not far from you!

I have an 'dopted older sister called Pandora, she's just had her 18th birthday. You can check out the AWESOME party we just had for her birthday on our blog.

Hi Flynn and Big Eric! I'm Derby and I am a furiend of Fat Eric. I am a gorgeous ginger cat too.

Glad to see you have joined the land of blogging kitties. I will have to update my links, again!

Woohooo, more gorgeous ginger fellows out in the blogoshpere.
we wanted ta stop by an say hi an we're furry glad ta meet you an hope you'll come by an see us too
Hello Eric and Flynn! You two are so good looking and look so much like Fat Eric. He's furry nice by the way so if he says you're nice then that's the way it is. And, I noticed one of you likes to hang his arm over the ledge jus like me (Beau Beau). We will link to you on our bloggie if that's ok wif you too. You can put our link on yours.
Welcome!! Y'all are bof furry handsome boys! ::blushes:: We're glad that your mum let you get your own blog. May we linky you on ours? Fat Eric told us you were here.
~Meeko & Kiara
Hi Eric & Flynn!!
My name is Beezer and I'm a big boned(18 and a 1/2 pound) ginger and white kitty from California US. Its nice to have you blogging so we caould meet you. :) I really like the safe out side place you have. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building so I don't go outside. But I like to lay next to the window and tell the birds I see what's what!

lots of purrs and headbutts to you both :)
Hiyas! I'm Max. Don't believe anything anyone says about me :)
Hi Eric & FLynn!!

You guys are furry hansome just like us. Buddy is a ginger too and I am a cat of many colors so I can camoflarge myself in diffrunt plases. Come by our blog and say hi!

Finnegan & Buddy the Carolina CAts
Hi, guys, from another Mericky cat, Brandi. I am going to put up a link to your blog. Feel free to link to mine.

You BOTH are really hansome cats!
My ginger fur brother offers his congratulations and best wishes for success with your new blog!
Hi there! I heard about your new blog from Fat Eric. Always good to meet new kitty friends. I will add a link to you from my blog!
Welcome to kitty blogland! There are tons of us showing our skills as felines and how we cope with our families. I look forward to reading about yours.
Cos and Dianne
Hi guys! Glad to meet you. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop by and visit us. I weigh in at 16.7 lb. so I guess that makes me big boned too!

George (Tipper, Max & Misty, too)
Hi Big Eric and Flynn!
We's glad to meet more blogging Brit cats. And such handsome gingers! We's put your link on our blog and on the Cat Blogosphere blog so's anycat can find their way to visit from us too. Come by and visit when you gots a chance. Trys to stay cool!
~~ Sanjee
and the rest of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats
You both are so dashing. It's a bit hard to tell who's who right now, but I'm in sure in time, I'll be able to do it without a problem! Great photos!
doodz...we dunno if ewe will see thiz ore knot...we loves pick sure one and de sand box pick sure bee price less !!!now we noe why flynn stayed small...him wuz doin all de mice catchin !!! we loves ewe doodz !!

tuna N sauce
Lovely :)
it bee uz again ~~~~ !!! =^..^=
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