Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Two for Tuesday

Fings are getting back to normal here. We haf been walking around the fields wiv mum again and checking out all our faverit places. We haf to check to see if there haf been any introoders around. There are drinking troughs in all the fields furr the horsies, but this is our faverit furr us to drink furrom. The grass has grown long since we were locked up. Soon dad will cut it all to make hay furr the horsies to eat next winter.When we lie down in the grass, mum can't see us. Soon she won't be able to see us when we are standing up in it. Mum sez she is hoping to get a video of me (Flynn) when it's a bit longer cuz when I can't see ofurr the top of the grass, I bounce around in it, and my head keeps popping up. That makes mum laff.

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You two look great in the tall grass! :) We are glad to hear that things are getting back to normal. :)

To answer your question: I chitter at the birdies, but Merlin just meows at them. - Dragonheart
Hehe, that's tall grass to play hide and seek! You two look awesome in the green!
Even the grass is tall, can't not loss your greatness~~~~
You are both stunning!
I would love to see a video of that!
you two make be laff too! thanks!

smiles, auntie bee
we can't wait to see that video!
That looks like a neat place to play in, I bet if you keep your eyes opened real wide you two might be able to find some mice trying to run away from you.
Glad that your mom and dad are home and now you can be outside more.
It was great working with you on the set of CCSI III. You did a fantastic job and I look forward to working with you again. I hope you got your CCSI Badge code, if your mom has any questions about the show or anything have her email me.

I would love to come play but I have to say I'm afraid of the Out of Doors! But maybe if you protected me I'd feel safe. But I do yell and scream a lot so you might have to cover your ears.

Ooo all that green grass looks like a lot of fun to play in...we can't wait to see your video...

I bet you all can go some good mousie hunting in that tall grass!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Man, that would be so great to stalk around in that tall grass..you could play Mighty Hunter! Oh, I forget..you ARE Mighty Hunters! It'll be fun to see the video of you popping up in the hay!
Wowsie...that is tall grass! Great pictures!
We are glad all is back to normal and the grass is growing tall! You always look very handsome outside in the open!!! And inside too, of course. You know what I mean....
P.S. Don't miss to come by our blog tomorrow for an important post!
There isn't a picture much cuter than little backs of kitty heads...that is just a great photo.
You two are so cute!
I would love to run around in long, long grass like that and drink from a horse trough. You boys are so lucky!
We can't wait to see the videos!
You guys are lucky to have such a wonderful place to wander around!

I think the video of Flynn bouncing around in the grass would be very funny.
I am glad your folks got back safe and sound! I am SOOOOOO jealous of you guys. Just walking around, checking things out. No crazy harness!

Your grass looks so nice and chewy!

~purrs Goldie
Good to see you two out and about. Lovely long grass! I never get that because my playground is only a suburban garden, not an open field like yours.
We really love the peeks of the countryside you give us. We wonder if there are tasty little rodents burrowing through the grass?
we'd sure like to see a video of you popping in and outta the grass. the Lady says she would too.
WOW!!! Look at all that grass!! That would keep me going for the rest of my life!! (in more ways than one,heeheehee)

Purrs Mickey
Ooo, that tall grass looks like super fun!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
So, things are checking out okay? Our grass was about dat tall afore mom cut it. Oh, last night, mom and dad had bread pudding wif Devonshire Clotted Cream! It was wunnerful. Mom sez it was like buttering da razin bred and den putting ice cream on top!
Dennis says the bottom pic is an award winner. beautiful coloring on the cats, and what's not to love about sunshine on green grass? beautiful!!!
Checking for evidence of intruders is an important mancat job. I can see you and Eric do it very well!

That is a great picture of you 2 in the grass. Just gorgeous :-D

I hope your Mum can get video of Flynn bouncing in the grass. That sounds like fun!
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