Thursday, April 03, 2008



Oh no!!! I've been censored by Zoolatry
What you laffing at? Duzn't efurrycat sit like this?

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They are just jealous of your flexibility!
You might be more comfy in a reclining chair. Or on the sofa. :)

um. yeah? ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Sometimes I sit like that!
I sit like that and Mommy laughs - I don't think it's funny!

Well Flynn... dis iz a good egg-sample of what a good cat doez. He knowz how to sit properlee fur hiz tea.
How flexable~!!!
You are very very good!
yep, evarycat duz that...evarycat Named FLYNN!!
What's wrong with that? I thought I looked pretty cool when I did that. No?
Flynn, I sit like that sometimes, and when I do, my humans laugh at me! I have no idea why - it's comfy. Merlin hasn't yet sat like that though, so maybe it's only for Mancats.

Dat's a pretty nice pose if we do say so owrselves.
yes, we bof sit like that all the time!
Personally I find that to be quite a comfy way to sit!
I do sometimes, and MomBean always does! Ha!

Dang, I just got flashed the 'nice, buddy' look. I'm in trouble!!!
Checks your emails box bigboy... to find our comment.
That's very funny.. Flynn is folded!
I think you are very talented to sit that way. I've only managed it once or twice myself.
hey, i sit like that all the time. it's a great way to clean the underside portions of my body! oh we have baby bunnies. there are pictures. they aren't very cute but at least she finally had them!

You look mighty comfee to me...

I sit that way on occasion, but it isn't very ladylike so I won't let momma post any of the few pictures she has of me doing that! ~Queen Snickers
Hmm... you really looked relaxed in that position but where's the picnic basket for tea time? :P
My Mum is on the floor laughing, I'm not sure why. It looks like a very reasonable way to sit to me.

Your Mum always gets the best pictures of you boyz doing crazy things : )
okay you are the bunny godparents. we are also going to make you the godparents of pepper cats babies when she has them. you might want to see them before you accept. might have more of those freak twisty legs since pepper and kira are sisters. oh and we keep our kitties, no animal dumping here. they both have to get fixed now. my human hasn't told them yet though. they might run off.
I sit like that sometimes when I am grooming. But never just to relax. You are very flexible, Flynn!
That's a great picture ... I need to try to sit like that!
well, if they don't, they should. I sit like that too, by the way.
Sunny sits like that a lot :-D
hehehehe!!!! you maded Momma say SQUEE!!! What an adorabble way to sit. Brainball sits like that once in a while, too!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Yeah, we all sit like dat and it makes mom and dad laff. Hey, we don't laff at dem when dey sit down...stoopid beans.
Yeah, but I don't know why the beans always laugh!!!
Purrs Mickey
I don't think that I have ever sat like that but my cousin Alice (20 lbs. of tabby) does sit like that a lot! I still think that you are a very handsome mancat, indeed!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
I think that was unnecessary. When you're a mancat, it's A-ok to let your stuff hang out ;-)
Well, of course. Feemails sit like dat too. Annie duz.

Luf, Us
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