Saturday, February 02, 2008


Where's Eric?

We haf probly told you befurr that dad built a purrizen fence. It is eight feet high and we can't get over it.........yet.
This means we can go in and outdoors whenever we like, even when it's dark. The uvver day the Beans were going out so they called to us to come in. Flynn ran in right away but I didn't, so they called again. I still didn't annser so mum sez,"Oh no, I hope Eric hasn't found a way out of the garden. They looked and looked in all my faverit napping spots unner the hedge and in the wood pile and in the garrij, but no Eric. Then mum saw the tractor which lives in the garrij had it's door open, so she peeped inside. What do yoo want, I'm having a nice quiet nap.
Dad had left his fleece jacket behind the seat and it made a nice comfy bed.I wuzn't happy to be disturbed and made to go indoors.I told dad he has to leave the tractor door open all the time, but I might not go there again now they know my seekrit place.

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oh THAT'S what i need, a secret place to have a nap!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Bummer that they found your secret spot. Mum always hunts me down. But when I think she is looking for me, I come out before she finds me. hehe.
What a cool secret place! As an added bonus it scared your humans too!
When I used to let Cocoa in the garage (with the door closed!), I often found him later curled up on the seat of my riding mower. No cozy fleece jacket though.
Wowie, that's a way kool spot fur a nap! And those are such cute pickshures of you. I'd love to take a nap inna tracktor!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
What a delightfully creative place to sleep, Eric! *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
Eric, sleepin' in the tractor! That's what a real Mancat would do.
Eric, that sounds like a great hiding place. We are glad that your garden has a high fence so that you can't escape and become lost or injured.
How Mancatly Eric! Tractor naps sound very good!
Secret spots are GREAT -- until they aren't secret anymore, huh? Audace has some; Grace has one; Ruse isn't living up to his name, though -- he's predictable.

Now YOU GUYS are so lucky -- you have extra places you can disappear into!


Grace & Company
Excellent Hidey Hole!
What a nice quiet secret place to have a nap. But with all of the kitties getting away from home when your mom and dad call ya to come inside ya need to head inside. They are just tryin to protect ya.
thank goodness you didn't get out! that's a great place to nap!
We are sorry your beans found your secret hiding spot. That iz very nice that you can go outside whenever you want.
Sorry da beans found yoor secret nap spot. Mom leaves a towel in her back seat fur Zippy to sleep on.
That was very rude for them to wake you up like that. You were napping!
That is a good nappy place, Eric! I hope they leave you for some peace and quiet so you can rest after all of that exhausting mousie hunting. You and Flynn need to stop by my bloggie: I have an award for you!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That looks so snuggly buggly my furrend. It would be even more snuggly if Flynn shared it with you. FAZ
There is nothing like sleeping on your humans stinky clothes!

Great secret place! I bet you would have had a great nap there if you weren't so rudely interrupted!
You have the perfect disgruntled face!
You must teach me how to do that. I think it's good to be able to see the mouth and nose in disgruntled face. That might be my major challenge.
You are an authentic magician in the art of hiding and the camouflage... Muahahahahahahaha!
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