Friday, February 01, 2008


Walkies wiv mum

When it's not raining, mum takes us furr walks around the feelds. Here I wuz having a rest on the roller cuz the sun came out. Dad pulls the roller behind his tractor to flatten all the lumps in the feelds where the horsies haf been galloping. This wuz a big tree but it wuz dying, so dad got his noisy tree cutter out and made it fall down. Now it goes in our woodburner to keep us warm. You can see some of the horsies behind me. The one wiv a cream mane and tail is called a Haflinger, but she's not nice cuz she chases us.
I am going to be a tattle tail now. See the horsie drinking trough next to me? Well yooshully the water is about three inches furrom the top, but because we haf had lots of rain and the horsies aren't in that feeld, the water is right up to the top. Mum sits on the edge of the trough to watch us hunting and playing, and this time she did the same wivout finking. Hehehe cuz the trough wuz over full she jumped up quick wiv a wet butt.
This bin I am sitting on has got corn in it furr feeding Frankie Fezzunt and his furrends. If you look by my paws you will see where the bad squirrels have tried to eat their way in.That thin strand of wire behind me is electric fence to keep the horsies in their feelds. Mum always turns it off when we go out though cuz she sez if we touched it, we might end up looking like curly cats.

While I was doing all this snoopervising wuz when Eric caught his mouse. I think I taught him well.
We just noticed, this is our 300th Post!!

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What wonderful huntin grounds ya two have. I am so proud that ya all can catch the mice, I bet the word is out on the streets and they will now be on the lookout for ya two. Stop over to my place cause I have an award for ya two.
happy paws for your 300th post!!! The field looks like a nice place to run and hunt.
u haf a furry, furry big yard
First off,300 posts!!!!!! Congrats!

Next, you have some really nice lands to roam in. I would love that. The horseys might be a bit scary though ;)
Purrs Mickey
YAY!! Happy 300th post. we is sorry your mommy gotted a wet hiney
Congrats on 300 posts. Mum puts the birdie feed in metal cans so they can't get at it.
Congratulations on your 300th post. I'm sorry your Mum got a wet bum, but I bet it was funny watching her jump up really quick.
Congratulations on your 300th post! Your field looks like a terrific place for walks, except by the Haflinger horsie! This was a nice tour, Flynn! And Eric, congratulations on getting your mousie - I really liked your video! I have an award for both of you over at my blog!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
wet butt ::snicker, snicker::

Concatulations on your 300th post!!!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Congratulations on your 300th posts~!

You both are great mancats~!!
I haven't got a living mouse before~~
Congratulations on your 300th post! :)

Thanks for showing us around, Flynn. Our mom is very jealous of your horses. She loves horses but has to be content with weekly dressage lessons at a local riding school. Too funny about your mom sitting on the drinking trough!
Congratulations on your impurressive post milestone!

We think where you live, hunt and play is very beautiful. Lots of furry critters to play with. You are very lucky kitties!
Many congratulations on your 300th post, my gorgeous ginger friends! Very impressive.

I am getting quality mum time today as she is off school with a chest infection. Also we are waiting for the aerial engineer. Our aerial on the roof blew over in all that wind yesterday and now the picture on the TV looks like it is snowing...
Concatulations on your 3ooth post! It must be fun have all those horsies to play with. Do you ever go for rides on them?
u has such a nice yards!! me is inhouse cat me never go is jelous! I hope you find something yummy there!!
Concats on the 300th posting that is reallleee grate!

Wow you have such a grate place to play and hunt mousies in and roam around and find all kinds of birdies and stuff. You are both furry luckee kitties.

It's very nice where you live, Flynn. You and Eric are very lucky cats to live on such a great farm.

Congratulations on your 300th post. That's a lot of hard work!
Concatulatyuns on yur 300th posty! Yoo guyz luk lyke yoo gots da gud lyfe der an da farms. All da mousies yoo can catchy an a nyce warm pwace insyde to sweep. My aunty lives on a horsey farm....maybe I can go visit an catch der myce.....MOM?!?
You two are so incredivbly lucky to live in a such a wonderful place with so much greenery! I am envious! My garden is enclosed by a concrete wall! Not very pituresque!x
Congratulations on your 300th post!

Flynn, you and Eric have a beautiful home, and just look at all of those horsies! My mommy would squeal. She loves anything with fur. . .course, she loves ME best. ;)

I think you did a great job of training Eric to be a fierce hunter of the mousies.
I love reading all about your life in the country. It is so beautiful where you live. I'll bet that fence could curl your furs!

ps: Congratulations on your 300th post!
wow flynn, that was a lot of information! thanks, i like to learn stuff! and tell yer mum i am so sorry about her butt! (ha ha ha)

smiles, auntie bee
Congratulations on your 300th post!
Thank you for the tour of your farm. It looks like a super cool place to live.
Sooper Snoopervisin, Flynn. And good job teechin Eric to catch mousies. We purromise not to laff about yore Mommy's wet hiney (at leest not where SHE can heer us hehehe)
Yes, you evidently taught him very well. You can be proud.

jans funny farm
Concatulations on yoor 300th post! We love yoor fields and stuff but all we'll ever get to do is look at yoor pikshers. We don't go outside...Zippy said yoo did a really good job teaching "mouse catching 101" and den she said we were dense. We'z not dense we is lite and fluffy...
300th post - that's awfully impressive. Love your big grounds. I only have a little garden to play around in.
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