Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Tummy and Toesies Tuesday.

Mum calls me her little snuggle bug.

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Oah Flynn,
How nice of your dream~!! You are smiling~!!!!
Your tummy and toes are very adorable as always~!!!!!!! Take a great nap~!
My Lady says that she wants to bite your toes off. I promise that I won't let her.
your mum is right, you are a little snuggle bug honey pie!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Grandma wishes I'd snuggle wif her. May bee yoo will come snuggle wif her instead? hehehe
Yoo look so happy and comfy :)
Must. Snorgle. Tummy.
Watch out! Momma wants to rub your tummy and grab your cute little toesies!

I think you are a snuggle-bug AND a cutie-pie! My Mommie wants to kiss you. Right on the lips!
Let see, smile-check, curled in paws-check, cute pink toesies-check, soft tummy-check. Yup, yoor a snuggle bug!
Yoo luks vewy comfy. Hopez ur havin nice dreams of yummy fuds and fun toyz.

Flynn, you look so cute lying there! :) Adorable toes and tummy. :) My humans call me a snuggle bug too!
you are so cute Flynn. I'm called snuggle bug too sometimes.
I bets you's dreamin' about all them mousies in da field that need to be caught!
That is such a sweet picture of you. Mommy wants to pet your head!
I get called a teddy bear. Sigh...I bet she disturbs you when you're peaceful? If not, she's a keeper.

Oh Flynn, you do look like a little snuggle bug. I like how you have your paws, very cute!
you look so cozy. Sweet dreams!
Yoo looks very cute and cozy, Mr. Snuggle Bug. Would it bug you if we came over and snuggled wif you? heehee.
You are a snuggle bug! Look at how you've got your little paws curled up. How kyoooot!

Luf, Us
awww - you look so cute! I wanna come over an snuggle with you. the Lady wants me to also. she's kinda mad at me and keeps putting me in time-out. apparently I'm not supposed to stalk and attack Riley. grrr. so, last night I tried to stalk and attack Cocoa. that didn't go over well either. there's been lots of puffy tails and screaming going on around here recently.
This is just too cute. What lovely pink toeies you have! SS wants to cuddle you too!!!!
OK now ML is nearly crying again.
You are making me look very bad, and very black, and very girly, Flynn!
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