Monday, December 10, 2007


Mancat Monday

What do you want? No you can't have your tractor to go and do some work. I wuz here furrst, and I am comfy, so I AM NOT MOVING!! I told you, I'm not moving, now do I haf to put my laser eyes on you?
Thank you. You can come back in an hour or so when I'm finished here.

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I can tell you have very important work to do, Eric~!!!
Your laser eyes is so cool~!!! That is a really mancat's eyes:)
Hee hee. Yoo look like yoo mean bizness. I bet he let yoo stay there.
Do you get to go for a ride on that thing?
That's tellin'them!!!
Great Mancat way to handle that problem!! :)
Yeah, Eric!
I have the same conversation about the desk chair all the time.

Did ya win?
I never do.
Wow. that looks like you have lots of work to do there!

Well said Eric. dat tractor is yours.
You do look very comfy there, Eric, and you certainly look like you have no intention of moving until you are ready to!
Way to go, Eric! I'm sure they know not to try to take anything away from you until you after you are finished with it.
You are a very good mancat, I'm furry impressed!

Great job showing the humans who is in charge Eric! We are very impressed with your mancat skillz!
Eric, I think you taught him a good lesson about who is the boss!
A man cat always has to lay down the law. Good job Eric.
I bet he din't make yoo move! We can tell dat yoo is in charge.
You are the only mancat I know who can drive a tractor, Eric. That is a rare talent. I am glad to see you have your humans under control.
Tractors are very mancatly.

Hey, where are you going with that tractor?
I'm very impressed Eric. I had no idea you knew how to drive a tractor!
You look very mancatly on that tractor. I bet they knew you meant business when they saw your laser eyes.

Happy MM!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You're the mancat, Eric! You tell him how it's going to be!
What a Man Cat! You tell your Dad! Can you drive that thing yourself?

Luf, Us
any bean who din't leaf you alone after THAT stare doesn't has the sense g*d gave a goose!
Eric, you are so lucky to drive the tractor! You look very cool, wow *sigh*
Oh Eric, did you get to stay? We don't have a tractor, but I do take over mom's comfy seat. I tried to convince her that I was there first and that she should take a hike, but she DUMPED me out of the chair. Umph. She says with 5 cats around she needs to be assertive. I hope you receive more respect than I do.
Eric, you are one heck of a Mancat. I am so proud of you. Bendrix is actually doing a little bow to you.

I am going to hang this story on my fridge so mommy and daddy can learn what they are supposed to do.
So glad you stood your ground Eric. That does make you a Man cat. I sure do like your tent. Really did a good job with what you had to deal with. Hey, Flynn really liked your pictures with your nip ravioli

Good job Eric, you were there first!
I can see you are the boss. You tell them, you know what the rules are, they should, too. Keep up the good work, Eric.
That's telling him Eric! Why should you move!
Eric, you are a furry handsum mancat, and I don't blame you one little bit for not movin outta the tractor!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Eric, you do indeed have that look of Mancatly Determination on your face! You look very cozy in the tractor. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Omigosh, Eric, I wish I had your sneer of contempt in the last photo. I would use it on Annie 25/7.
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