Sunday, December 09, 2007


Easy like Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings mean yoo can haf a nice leshurrly baff befurr your nap, and no-one worries about rush, rush, rush. I like Sundays.

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The only problem with Sundays is that Mom doesn't like to feed us breakfast early enough.

Oah Flynn~~~
You sleep so cute~!!!!!
I like that too. You have very clean toes you know.

That sounds like a good Sunday. Well except almost every day is like that around here, now that the Big One works at home, and the OTW plays with string all day!

You look like you have a good view there!


PS Flynn, I like being spanked too!
that is a very good reason to enjoy a sunday morning. x
You look very comfortable there, Flynn. :) Sundays are wonderful days to just relax and enjoy.
Ah naps, so good.
Ah naps, so sweet.
Ah naps, we luvs naps.
Dude, what's that you're sleeping on?
great sunday... long bath, nap!

smiles, auntie bee
Sunday mornings are sweeeeeeeet.

You look like you're concentrating really hard on that bath.
I likes to snuggle wif mine mombean on Sunday mornings!

Flynn, that looks like a very relaxing bath. I jumped in my mom's lavendar bubble bath last night ... it wasn't nearly as relaxing as yours, and now I smell like a plant!!

Oh yeah, a leisurely Sunday bath-n-nap is great. You had great pictures on your bloggie this week, buddies!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
I loves Sundays, too! Even though I do not usually wash myself on that day. Except a little bit.
Snuggles and naps and treats! That's what Sundays are made of!
I loved seeing you and Eric yesterday!
Only problem with Sundays is that I get a late breakfast! Do you have vishus deer your part of the country?
Awww, Flynn, you look so cozy and relaxed in that pickshure!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Flynn, what an adorable picture of you! You look like you're having a lovely Sunday.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
We had a nice leisurely Sunday morning, and day, today. It's been great :-)
Sadie wants to know if yoo need some help cleaning up...she's a good back of da head washer, if yoo need one. Bof my sisfurs think yoo guys are furry handsome, but Sadie usually sez it cuz Zippy is shy (and she has a boyfrend).
I like Sundays too except today.Mom was out forever!!!
(she came back though)
Sundays are great - I don't like the rush, rush, rush either.

Purrrrs, Willow
Hi Flynn! Don't you wish everyday was Sunday?

Luf, Us
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